Been Gone for A Minute...

In 2008 I created "" as an outlet to share my experiences within the industry and chronicle breaking news in fashion & film from my very real and very native NY perspective. What started as a hobby, quickly became a true blog-site with contributors and respectable numbers to back it with.  

Soon enough industry gatekeepers that were hip to the vision and were inviting me to cover Fashion Week from the front row and interview artists on red carpets. 

But somewhere around 2011 I decided to take on an incredible opportunity partnering with my longtime client "UNDRCRWN."  During that time, I learned how to run a lifestyle brand, managed an e-commerce business, created new and exciting products, cultivated relationships with uber talented artists and saw all of the hard work I put in get featured in magazines around the world. Meanwhile, my blog's domain expired, my YEARS of content disappeared and the idea of starting over was as saddening as it was overwhelming. So, I fell back. I took the necessary time away to regroup. During recent years I was also caring after my father who I just recently lost in February 2015 to brain cancer. Sometimes nature also forces you to redirect your energy. Most of my "blogging" insights were now taking the stage on social media-- @cruziiie mainly, and @UNDRCRWN for sports-lifestyle. My real-time commentary on topics like "The Walking Dead," Kylie Jenner's runway appearances and the NBA started getting traction independently and my tweets began appearing as  featured insights in newspapers and entertainment columns. I realized that I really missed doing this 'blogging' stuff!  

So, here I am. I'm so happy to re-launch this particular chapter of my life, get back to writing and bring back an even better version of what I once had. I'll be covering everything from NBA Style to NYFW, travel, business insights + more! If you've been here from the start, thanks for sticking by me. If you're new to this blog, welcome and happy to have you here. It feels like the first day of school and I just bought all the jazziest school supplies. 

Stay tuned for great things.

xx Kari "Cruziiie" Cruz